Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freaking back

After two weeks full of pictures, sand, laughter, swimming, sun, rest, food, drinks, books, coffee and loads of good music and love, I'm back to my base, charged and all, carrying among other things an ear infection as a souvenir. So I might have a defective right ear at the moment, but I can certainly hear the sweet sound of The Emotions.

The sisters along with a little help from Earth Wind & Fire really get it on. My ear just popped!

track's info:
The Emotions - Flowers
Columbia 1976

Friday, August 08, 2014

Beach, please!

If you asked me two days ago, I'd say this is the worst summer ever. But when all go wrong, something has to be right, right? Right. So with the so fully anticipated vacation on the way, vacation which I came very close to missing completely this year, I finally feel it's time to just let everything be and head to a fine beach, with good company and the best music I can gather up in a very short time. And this is the beat I wanna follow in this year's summer vacation.

So long! See you in a couple of weeks, mates. Have a great time y'all!

*Check out the original tune here. Also check out OE (Onur Engin)'s sets here, offered with a free download.
Archie Bell & the Drells rule, man! So does OE!

track's info:
Archie Bell & the Drells - Don't let love get you down (OE Edit)
OE Edits 2011

original version
Archie Bell & the Drells - Don't let love get you down
Where will you go when the party is over
Philadelphia International Records 1976

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Il lupo rocks

Sometimes I can't even believe my (clogged) ears when it comes to '70s music.

First heard of it by Psychemagik (check out post here). As you can see it wasn't possible that this piece of utter inspiration wouldn't find its way into this blog and have a special presentation.

Put together by Italian musicians Ivano Fossati and Oscar Prudente in 1973, this tune couldn't but be discovered 40 years later by young producers and be served to all the passionate listeners out there.

**Warning: This is a heart-attack provoking tune. Be cautious.

track's info:
Ivano Fossati & Oscar Prudente - Tema del Lupo
Cetra 1973

Monday, July 28, 2014

To pray or not to pray

Just wondering... Is praying any effective for those who practice it and the other people around them? I mean, would praying do any good to, I don't know, all these lost souls by two plane crashes in two weeks time? Would it prevent the bombing in Gaza? Would it save all those kids, mothers and fathers? Would it make us all brothers and sisters? Would it make money something no one would care for? If it would, let me know. I'll start prayin' too. Till then, I'll leave it to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes.

track's info:
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Prayin'
The Blue Album
Source Records 1979

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disco with a twist

Don't know about your summer, but mine ain't lookin' good so far. There are a few things, however, that keep me in high spirits when all point to the opposite direction. One of these is -take a wild guess- music. This compilation handpicked by Funk Hunk, ready to be released on July the 25th by Handshakes Records, easily managed to make me forget about shit going on, smile and start some finger snapping and shoulder moving when all else seriously failed.

I can't even begin to point out how many tracks in this compilation made me stop for a minute and enjoy. Really enjoy. (the Dopeshoes edit, oh-my-god).

Thank you Funk Hunk for putting this whole thing together and spreading the word. Thumbs up till they hurt!

*Find the whole thing here. Bet your thumbs will rise too.

VA - With a twist Vol.1
Handshakes Records 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miracle music

I don't believe in miracles. I believe in good, inspiring and forever lasting music sounding like a miracle.

This is the original version of "I believe in miracles" by the Jackson Sisters, which was co-written by Mark Capanni. He was the first to perform it in 1973 and a year later the Jackson Sisters sent it to the moon and back, something he didn't manage to do - this version however is awesome as well. Different kind of awesome, but still awesome.


Here's how Ramsey Hercules was inspired by Mark Capanni's tune which became widely known by the Jackson Sisters.

If you've got good base material, you can't lose. And Ramsey Hercules surely didn't lose. Neither did we.

tracks' info:
-Mark Capanni - I believe in miracles
Capitol Records 1973

-Jackson Sisters - I believe in miracles
Prophesy Records 1974

-Mark Capanni - I believe in miracles (Ramsey Hercules Edit)
Stereopor Records 2013

Monday, July 07, 2014

King and Queen of the Caribbean

In 1984 a Caribbean Queen was born and spread around the music world with the soothing voice of Billy Ocean. As a huge fan of Billy Ocean from a very early age when my older sister would buy all those "top hits" records of the '80s, this track was always among my young-age favorites.

I caught this tune the other day at a bar -a rather boring one, full of middle-aged, dull people, but with surprisingly enough good disco music that made me wonder if I'm that old as well and haven't realized it yet. It wasn't the original version, but a really skillful edit which I couldn't seem to find today, as I was searching for it. However, I caught this fine tune instead -offered with a free download-, which made up for my time of dead-end searching.

Really enjoyed the editing work of Tesla Boy here, although I must admit I'm missing the sax part of the song -I'd like a little bit more of it.

For those who ain't got no clue what we're talking about here, this is the original version of "Caribbean Queen" and this is Melba Moore's answer. If you've loved either of these two during the '80s, then I'm sorry I reminded you how old you are today :-) N'joy!

tracks' info:
-Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy edit)

-Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No more love on the run)
Jive 1984

-Melba Moore - King of my Heart
Read my Lips
Capitol Records 1985

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