Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday antidote

Sundays can be awesome, people. You have the whole day to yourself, you can go hang out by the sea even if the weather sucks and you're one step before winter, you can cuddle all day, you can eat all day, you can sleep all day and you can play top-notch tunes to make it even better. Like this one.

Bobby Nunn and Motown join powers and make this beautiful tune out of the second album of their collaboration, "Private Party".

Not even my runny nose and my 100 sneezes/second can bring me down while listening to its synth sound.

track's info:
Bobby Nunn - Don't knock it (until you try it)
Private Party
Motown 1983

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yo Australia!

If you like Breakbot then you'll sure as hell like this.

LeBRON is Sam Roney from -surprise, suprise- Australia, he's into electronic funk and I'm into him in the most pure, melodic and musical way there is.

Especially when this reached my ears, with awesome samples and flow.

Enjoy your Sunday.

track's info:
LeBRON - The Time is Right

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Where'd all the good people go?

What’s goin’ on in this world is so beyond me, I can’t deal with it.

I feel genuine love and sympathy for all the tortured ones out there, whether they’re from Paris, Lebanon, Syria or any small corner in this disgusting world.

From borders to religion, from money to power, whatever divides people should be vanished, if we want love and peace to conquer our hearts.

Otherwise, there’s no hope.

track's info:
Jack Johnson - Good People
In Between Dreams
Brushfire Records 2005
video from Mahogany Sessions

Sunday, November 08, 2015

What happens if you fall in love?

This wonderful tune was a very interesting intro. There are two people (man/woman) talking about love, with the woman stating that relationships are messy and she's better off enjoyin' life on her own, raisin' the amazement and surprise of the young man. I don't know if this is from some kind of movie or something, but it gets really interesting when he asks "What happens if you fall in love?".

This is exactly what happens.

Lovely tune, one of those who feel like butterflies in your stomach from Yazid Le Voyageur (remember him?).

Hope those two worked it out in the end.

track's info:
Yazid Le Voyageur - It's Love 
You and I EP
Roseville Music 2014

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Vintage-street situation

As I may have stated many times before in this blog -or maybe just think I have stated- I don't really like labels. I like what I hear and -in this case- what I see. Below you'll see one of the most extraordinary dance battles I've ever seen between lindy hoppers and street dancers, with each group dancin' to their own tunes and makin' a crossover attempting to dance to the opponent's music towards the end. Totally amazed by the moves, I must admit I love both groups equally.

However, as far as music is concerned -and this I've surely stated before- the street dancers kick serious ass. Among poppin' and lockin', aerials, swing outs, charleston and splits there are some awesome tunes goin' on. And I totally love, love, LOVE this one.

If only all fights and disputes were settled like this. What a wonderful world it would be.

Montreal Swing Riot 2015
Swing Dancers vs Street Dancers
Produced by Social Art Beat
Video by Alain Wong

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn coziness

Sunday isn't all about wrapping yourself in a blanket and cursing the shortness of the weekend. It's also about reading a book, cooking, hanging out with beloved people, resting, relaxing -never, ever underestimate the simple things in life.

As long as you have decent tunes filling your day. Skibblez's tune (in which I love the filters by the way) is definitely one of those that's gonna be keeping me company the next few days, makin' my days smooth and cozy, while autumn gets in the way of sunshine. Sure thing.

track's info: 
Skibblez - The Sure Thing
Horeazon Records 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Little summer

Mid October and sun's still shining. Especially when this is on.

Some real summerish thoughts put together in notes and melodies by this french dude whose soundcloud page is like ear-paradise.

Buh-bye autumn melancholy.

She said disco - Gold Shore EP
Keats//Collective 2015
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