Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still funkin'

Funkanomics is a three member group from South Germany with a totally funked-up style, blending funk with other stuff like hip hop and whatever suits best in their funkadelic mind and ear.

Hit the free download button, burn a funk cd startin' with this and start drivin'. When all goes wrong, funk is the solution and these dudes seem to know what they’re doin’. Eyes on the road, ears on the music. That's all you need. 

track's info:
Funkanomics-Linda and the funky boys

Monday, May 18, 2015

Funk high

Some people hike up and down a mountain or ride a bike covering kilometers or do yoga to get a natural high. That's nice, that's really nice and healthy. But I'd rather get my natural high from this.

Karim's version on John Luongo's version on Sly Stone's "High on you", 100% wicked funk ready to raise your pulse rate as if you just ran a marathon. Ok, ok almost as if you just ran a marathon.

track's info: 
Karim Chehab - I get high on you (Karim Basement Party Dub)

(original version)
Sly Stone - I get high on you
Ten years too soon
Epic 1979

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's a funky situation

 If you only knew how much I've loved this tune back in the days, you would probably get a vague idea of how my heart flied just a little bit to this.

Damn, it's so amazing how some tracks can last forever as a feeling in your soul.

track's info:
Jazzy Dee - Get on up (disco tech rework)

*original tune 
Jazzy Dee - Get on up
Laurie Records 1983

Monday, May 04, 2015


 This track has a weird story behind it. Tuxedo didn't follow the classic route to this track making. They didn't dig up a rare old track and sample it. What they did was take a little trip back to 1993, listen to "Ain't no fun" by Snoop Doggy Dogg -sorry, can't keep up with him, Prince and their stage name changes- tried to find the original sample, never found it, so they made it. They actually made it. And this is it. An imaginary prequel.

Reminds me a little bit of Slave or maybe Logg, but I won't more get into this. I'll just sit down and clap my hands to those guys who created a fictional original track.

*Serious clapping taking place right now.

track's info:
Tuxedo - Number One
Stones Throw Records 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Roots jungle

Spring days always bring out in me (and about 90% of world population with access to music) a more intense need for reggae -this could be a serious hint. And this. This year, it hit me a bit differently.

Reggae vibe (Alborosie sampled), drum'n'bass rhythm, highs'n'lows, sweet melody, no harsh parts, summerish feeling, absolute musical sunshine... What the hell am I still doing here?

*Check out Slynk's tunes here. This Australian dude is all about the funk and the breaks.

track's info:
Slynk - Know your roots

Sunday, April 19, 2015

We'll always have Paris

Yesterday a dude visiting Athens stopped me in the middle of the street to ask me where he could find a decent night club to listen to some hip hop and dance. His question kinda filled me with embarrassment, as I haven’t been in one of those for years and, inevitably, I wasn’t anywhere near the most suitable person to answer such a question, especially as far as hip hop stuff is concerned. The worst part was that I was in his shoes in 2007 when I visited Paris and asked everyone around where I could find a place to listen to some good ol’ french house, but nobody really knew what to recommend.

Anyways, I did my best to give him some directions on how to get to a place with many bars and stuff and maybe some nightclubs -which might be playin’ bouzoukia today for all I know- and left feeling older than ever. 

But today I listened to this.

Good ol’ disco house tunes from Cesare and Jukebox Recordz, just like the ones I was lookin’ for in Paris.

Don’t know if the poor guy found his way into his musical heaven, but I kinda just did.

*Check out the whole LP. You'll find an awesome Gene Chandler sample in there among others -with a free download.

track's info:
Cesare - Never Give Up
Give Your Love
Jukebox Recordz 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Groovy people

Everyobody -well, almost everybody- has their own groove. And by groove I mean a certain rhythm, a certain swing that comes out in everyday life and is most recognizable when in tune with music, but can also be sensed by the way we walk, talk, laugh, move, sway, dance.

In some cases, our groove can also be sprung from other people. And these people need to be kept close to us no matter what.

Bobby Patterson can explain it better. And with a groove. 

track's info: 
Bobby Patterson - I get my groove from you
It's just a matter of time
Paula Records 1972
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