Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breakbot, it was about time

This Saturday. Ed Banger records party. Busy P and Breakbot. Can't actually make a complete sentence out of it. Having a small stroke right now.

Ok tickets already bought, so for now just counting days till Saturday night.
Breakbot, you won't let me down.
I know it.

Breakbot - Blue Wheels Journey (solé Fixtape Vol.19)
presented by Solé Bicycles

Prince - 1999
James Bobbin - it's music
Chris Thomas - celebrity funk
Enchantment - give it up
Plush - free and easy
Skool Boyz - heartbreaker
Jane Child - don't wanna fall in love (sheep pettibone remix)
ze-brass - feels so good
Kid creole and the coconuts - i'm a wonderful thing baby
Dayton - eyes on you
Grand Tour - late november
Rory Block - help me baby
Kenny Smith - witness
Conway Brothers - turn it up
Larry Nevilles - this time is real
Raven feat. Jocelyn Brown - so in love
Second Image - star
Donna Washington - you can't hide from the boogie
Brenda Watts - you're my chance
Tantra - get happy
Cotton Candy Feat. Donna Trollinger - Having Fun
Oby Onyihoa - Enjoy your life
Nick Straker Band - straight ahead
Teddy Pendergrass - come go with me
Doobie Brothers - flying clouds

Monday, October 27, 2014

Groovy jam

Now that winter time makes our nights longer, let's make good use of them.

Had something else other than groovy piano, funky drums, delicate bass and smooth trumpet in mind?

*Check out The NCY Milky Band page here, where you'll find tunes that cause ear to ear smiles and go back to a previous post of mine here where you'll dig out the work of Le Serveur, one of the bands talented members.  

track's info:
The NCY Milky Band - Lynx Jam (AJ Remix) 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Move it, move it, move it!

This is one of those beats that make every inch of your body move to the rhythm, without actually controlling it. Magical, ain't it?

Sounds a little bit like Grammatik, with less intense snear, from the point of view of Dj Vas, who all you house lovers out there might remember from Kojak. Nuff said. Download for free and start movin' y'all!

track's info:
Dj Vas - The same old thing

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I just got over the fact that this spine-chilling piece with the magical intro is just 1.51 minute long (or short). Time to share it.

This makes me kinda worried that there are other awe-inspiring tunes like that out there and I might never know about them. Freaking unfair.

track's info:
Isner - Helen

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Time for mirla

Genuinely happy for this release which was strongly anticipated (finally). And genuinely ecstatic for these utterly and completely top of the top-notch tunes. Nu disco at its best, man.

No more words for this one. Just hit play till it hurts. And start dancing. And make good use of your speakers’ capacity. And spread the word. And support this fine work here or a blue dinosaur will jump off your screen and start dancin’ on your lap.

Mirla Edits Vol.1
Mirla Edits 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Trading autumn

Autumn is making its way strongly into our lives the past days, nights are back to chill mode, everything is starting to shrink into cozy situations and the free spirit of summer is about to find a place to rest for a while. Well... not just yet!

Fresh EP from Kiu D with this killer tune, along with two tracks inspired by Teena Marie's "I need your lovin" and a "Summer" track.

I'd like to take autumn back after this. Or trade it with one last summer weekend.

*Here's another point of view on Teena Marie's track by Sleazy McQueen.

track's info:
Kiu D- Movin' On
Love In
Hotbox Boogie 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fairy tune

In coherence with the previous post's tune, this one comes from Thrupence who probably is related to Edward Vanzet -I'm no Poirot, but Jack Vanzet and Edward Vanzet, both from Melbourne, has to mean something.

So lovin' the fairy tale '30s or '40s intro, the sample, the beat, the atmosphere, the vocals, everything about it. The whole album Lessons is about to be released on September 26th, so watch for it. And have a great week full of fine tunes. :-)
track's info:
Thrupence - Don't you mind
Future Classic 2014
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