Sunday, December 14, 2014

Melba reworked

69-year-old Melba must be feelin' quite thrilled and enthusiastic that in ending 2014, beginning 2015, young people still get inspired by her '70s-'80s songs and experiment on them, bringing them back to our ears and soul. This is one of the latest edits that I came accross by Moscow's Rare Cuts.

Love's comin' at ya, from the forgotten 1982, right back at ya, reworked and refreshed!

Thank you Melba for the great legacy of your music and your voice, thank you Paul Lawrence Jones III for writing this song and thank you Rare Cuts for bringing it back to my speakers.

Take a look at an older post about editing Melba here

track's info: 
Rare Cuts - Comin' at ya (RC Dub)

(original track)
Melba Moore - Love's comin' at ya
The ohter side of the rainbow
Capitol Records 1982

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Young boy in a world without love, can you see where you're going?

There have been quite a few upsetting things goin' on in Greece the past month, provin' once more –not that there was ever any doubt- that the government and the state is as rotten as hell would be if it actually existed and that most citizens of this country -and other countries as well for that matter- are so ignorant and indifferent, it hurts. 

Having said that, this post today ain’t about sharing music. It’s about sharing the very profound will of mine that someday we will all be able to search for our inner selves, leave the superficial, vain and materialistic part of us behind, unite and truly love each other, so that we finally understand that we need no fancy stuff, we need nobody to rule us, nobody to make decisions for us and nobody to say what’s right and what’s wrong.

Cause everything could only be right then. And people wouldn’t have to go on hunger strikes, facing death, to claim human rights.

Stretch your mind and unite, people. There’s your power.
It ain’t cool to be an outsider in this.

track's info:
Jon Lucien - Search For The Inner Self 
Ampex Records 1971

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Find peace

I bet all my delivery flyers (you do know how important delivery flyers are, don't you?) that the Bamboos and Funk'n'Stein definitely had this in mind when they started makin' music.

Absolute funk from the late '70s and Experience Unlimited. One of those pieces of music that its lyrics make you think, but its melody gives you peace, even when the rest of the world has totally lost it. And I won't even begin talking about the vocals by Melva "Lady" Adams and Donald R. Fields.


track's info:
Experience Unlimited - Peace gone away
Free yourself
Black Fire 1977

Monday, November 24, 2014

How do you say awesome in Spanish?

Mr. Santiago Ferreira (or Santi), born in Paraguay, based in the U.S., released his first full length album Ciclico about three months ago. And although I must admit that most of it may be too latino-tango-ish for my kinda taste, this track is funky as hell.

I don't know any Spanish, but I know this tune is a toda madre -and I hope I didn't just say anything for anyone's mother. Maybe fantástico. Just to be safe.

track's info:
Santi - Una Mas

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who wants cookies'n'cream?

A few minutes ago, I was logging into my soundcloud account and bam! It almost felt like this gem EP was sitting there waitin' for me.

Well, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee ain't no news for this blog, so I was well prepared when I saw the name. Good work, nice tunes, perfect beat, great samples (I caught Trussel - I love it somewhere in there), and I already have 2 favorites (Boogie Box sampling Khemistry - I got a feeling and Givin' Ya Up). Can't ask for more. This just made my day, the last 10 minutes before it would end...

*Don't miss it. Out on November 25th.

Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Cookies'n'Cream EP
Editorial 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ice Ice _ _ _ _ _

This sounds NOTHING like the shitty Monday I just had, but fits prefectly to this very hour, the beloved relax hour, just before the day ends.

Mr. Luke Million seems to have made a really ace sound which is also available for a free download and can make a real party starter.

Check out his page and find your own sounds. There's no way you won't find something you dig in there, from sets, edits, remixes, reposts and stuff.

track's info:
Luke Million - Ice Ice Arnie (Cool Party) -instrumental-

Monday, November 10, 2014

Soul Monday

Something cozy and full of soul before we head to bed and wake up to kick off a brand new week, which who knows is gonna bring.

Just a little trip to the late '60s, with Arthur Conley's blessed voice and some heavenly horns, sad bass and perfect lead guitar, all in absolute tune with the piano bits.

Great, now I can't sleep...

track's info: 
Arthur Conley - I'm a lonely stranger
Sweet Soul Music
ATCO Records 1967

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