Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream prelude

Nujabes is a Japanese hip-hop producer and dj who, sadly, I wasn't aware of till about 3 or 4 weeks ago, when this lovely gem reached my ears and made it through my top introduction-to-dreams tune.

Tragic thing is that as I was searchin' through his music tryin' to get to know him through his dope beats, I found out that he's no longer with us, as of 2010. So I guess I'll be hangin' around in his soundcloud page for a while, making up for lost time. 

track's info:
Nujabes - Aruarian Dance
Samurai Champloo Music Record - Departure 
Victor 2004

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cruel summer

Not quite a summerish tune to fill your vacation usb stick with. Unless you're Greek tryin' to survive this summer.

The lyrics of this song are so unbelievably powerful and so incredibly gloomy, that are too much to bear along with this dark tune. So, I'll stick with the instrumental version, till the next bright disco tune comes along and brings a little sunshine in here.

* For those who don't know, this is actually a traditional American gospel song originally recorded by Bozie Sturdivant in 1941, but composed in 1934 by Claude Ely, whose version was recorded in 1953.

track's info:
Johnny Cash - Ain't no grave
American VI: Ain't no grave
Lost Highway Records 2010

Monday, July 13, 2015

To all fuckin' Kens

I just started watching "Breaking bad". I know, I know, I'm a little late, but I'll grasp the chance to use the "better late than never" saying and move on with my point.

There's an episode in season 1 (episode 4 to be exact) that ends with one of the most powerful and beautiful scenes I've seen lately and really identified with: the brilliant KenWins scene. In that scene -for those of you who are even later than me- our protagonist, in a desperate moment of coughing and dealing with a messed up life by lung cancer -and other stuff-, faces this dude, an obnoxious yuppie, one of those who drive those convertible shit that cost about 3 years' salaries to most people (or whatever, I don't know), perfect slaves to capital, with bluetooths coming out of their ears. One of those dudes with a "Ken Wins" license plate that steal parking spaces when you've already set your alarm to park, take your place in line when you look the other way, humiliate people who they consider inferior to them, have no culture whatsoever and serve nothing else but money. This dude, was the same dude that stole the parking space to our protagonist the other day, and so he decides to do something about it.


Maybe all these fuckin' Kens will stop winning someday. Maybe their capital serving "values" will go down the drain and maybe when that happens, there won't be any more of these governments and screwball country "unions" that reflect the exact same thing that all these Kens believe in and drive people and countries to a living hell in the name of money.

Now wipe the tears from your eyes and press play to the tune that led this awesome scene to its ending and made me lose my sleep for a couple of hours.

track's info:
Darondo - Didn't I
Music City 1972

Sunday, June 28, 2015


If one thing is certain, it's that we're never bored in this country.

Broke, yes. Bored, naaah.

track's info: 
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - I'm Broke
Tell Em' What Your Name Is!
Lost Highway 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2015


I couldn't possibly ask for a better tune to relax, sink into my bed, kiss this tiring week goodbye and get prepared for a new one.

I think I'm more into the instrumental version, as I can better relish the laid-back tempo, the soothing bass, the dope guitar...

Already sinking.

*Check out the whole album here before you give in to Morpheus as well.

track's info:
Jenova 7 - Long Way Back Instrumental
Painkillers & Parasites

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sexy-not sexy

This is a melodic proof that nothing can be sexy (or awesome) all the time.

Janko Nilovic's Machine Gun kicks off as one of the sexiest tunes ever, screws up the whole feeling at 0.45 with this cheesy '70s pattern, brings sexy back at 1.10, screws it up at 1.38 again, kicks ass at 2.05 and screws it up one final time towards the end. Kinda like real life.

track's info:
Janko Nilovic - Machine Gun
Super America
Editions Montparnasse 2000, 1976


Monday, June 08, 2015

Jazzy week-ending

After an evening walk at the Athens Jazz festival with jazzy and ethnic tunes from Yoav’s Eshed Trio Millionaires from Israel, Hijaz from Belgium and Mercan Dede Secret Tribe from Turkey, I'm kinda in the mood to let this week go with a jazzy tune that's more my kinda style.

I may not really get pure jazz, but I truly dig everything that is inspired by it.

While you're at it, check out the whole LTF debut album here. It kicks ass keeping the jazzy feeling, throwing at it some dirty hip-hop beats, with a little bit of scratchin', in a combination that with the right amount of volume can send you straight to hell. 

track's info: 
LTF - Get you
Light the Fuse
Black Milk Music 2015
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