Sunday, March 22, 2015

June brought spring

I'm startin' to think that spring has made other plans for this year. So it looks like we're gonna have to try and find it elsewhere.

I think I found it in a J.U.N.E. track. Weird.

track's info: 
Nicholas - J.U.N.E.
Love Someone
4lux 2014

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Do you know what I love about skilful edits?

That they make me re-love and re-play old favorites that I haven't listened in a long time and that at some point I've even gotten a little bored of, cause of my maniac excessive repetition.

Thank you Jay Todd for this beautiful edit and for bringing me back to my roots.
Richie Havens, I know you' re watching/listening.

track's info:
Richie Havens - Going back to my roots (Jay Todd Disco edits) 

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Saxy Sunday

Whatever takes a moody Sunday and makes it shiny or energetic or jolly is worth a mention.

This one makes it sexy -and saxy.

track's info: 
Ramsey Lewis - Brazilica 
Columbia 1976

Monday, March 02, 2015

This ain't a love song

Anacostia, also known as Presidents, released this beautiful tune in 1977, which was written by actor and musician Richard Harris and Van McCoy.

If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you'll see that it's a track you can use as a polite and melodic way to say to your partner "What the fuck is going on here?".

So there. Anacostia took care of that with the nicest possible way.

track's info:
Anacostia - What kind of love 
MCA Records 1977

Monday, February 23, 2015

I love Aliens

Headphones on, volume in an upsettigly high point and this tune on.

It's been 11 months out there and I just pick it up yesterday on the radio. It was such a good moment, that it made me start thinking I should give radio another chance. And the best part? It's greek stuff!

I knew this dude had more to give.

track's info:
Alien Disco Sugar - Unlimited Alien Phunk (Vocal Mix)
Unlimited Love
Digital Wax Productions 2014

Monday, February 16, 2015

Go Hator

Less than a year ago I was kinda hooked on Hator Records and the "Haunt me" release (this post will enlighten you -or refresh your memory). These days Hator Records hit me once again with a more groovy sound that brought my house-y self back on -I admit I lose this self occassionaly as digging in way past decades' music keeps me away from one of my true loves.

Check out the release here -cause my favorite mix may not coincide with yours- and while you're at it stay tuned for this upcoming release which brings back another true love of mine back: the '80s.

track's info: 
-Glenn Dale feat. Diana Moore - On my knees
Hator Records 2015

Monday, February 09, 2015

Ready, set, dance!

After 4 hours of a dancing workshop, swollen feet, sore back and head about to explode, I still want to listen to something I can dance to.

Yeap! You got it right. It's this one. Now get up and do your thing!

track's info:
Stephane Deschezeaux - Number One
Springbok Records 2015
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